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Stay Cool FCCLA! NYS FCCLA December Officer Blog

Hey NYS FCCLA! This is your 2022-2023 NYS Officer of Public Relations and Peer Education writing y'all a little December blog. November went by super quickly but you know what that means…Snow, lights and a season full of cheer. But before we get to all this holiday stuff let’s recap on november.

Some of you may know i am apart of district 3 and on November 1st we had our District Meeting. It was a huge hit amongst our district, so many came and everyone had fun. Me along side my 2 other D3 Officers, Jackie and Emma, put together a workshop on STAR Events. I think it went pretty well and was very informative. We had games and actually like FCCLA Bingo and Papel Picado. The food of choice was walking tacos. D3 was brought together after years of not having a district meeting and i’m pretty sure it was a hit.

During one of my chapters weekly meetings i had to step aside to take a zoom call. I chatted with Tri-Valley for a good half hour and answered as many questions as i could. It was so nice being able to reach out and talk with some of the delegation.

My chapter here at Marlboro high school as well as Marlboro Middle came together on November 18th and had a lovely friendsgiving. Everyone brought some little treats…i brought some muffins. It was a real feast let me tell you when i got home and took a nap because of how much i ate.

Finally the last thing was on November 19th my chapter had a stand at the yearly Holiday Extravaganza held at the Marlboro Elementary. We sold WeHelpTwo socks as well had face painting for the kids. It went super well, we sold a lot of socks and contributed to the cause.

Well that’s all I got for this blog. Let’s all continue being amazing and Leaving our Legacies. I know each and every one of you has it in you. If any of you need anything feel free to contact me, i’m always free…literally. Have a wonderful day everyone:)


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