2021-2022 State Officers



Hello Everyone it is Lauren Liberti here, I am a Sophomore from Catskill High School. Some of my hobbies include playing soccer, skiing, baking, biking and petting dogs. I am also a part of Yellow Ribbon and Peer Court. Wanting to help people came naturally for me and I needed an outlet that provided me with the resources to help give back. FCCLA was the way to go. I started FCCLA in 7th grade and have loved it ever since. I started off my first year of FCCLA volunteering at events, my second year I decided to compete in a star event. My friend and I completed a star event on the “Dangers of Teen Vaping” and received gold at the state and national levels. My passion for FCCLA started to flourish after attending the 2019 National Leadership Conference. I decided I wanted to push myself to exceed personal goals and applied to be an officer elect and now I am your NYS FCCLA President. FCCLA helped me learn who I was as an individual and gave me confidence. I hope to encourage members' self growth by providing students with a welcoming environment to think outside of the box and be a part of their community. As an officer my goal is to promote FCCLA and to provide everyone with the FCCLA leadership experience so they can strive towards their goals and succeed. 

Lauren Liberti
Emma Brown

1st Vice President & Peer Educator


My name is Emma Brown and I am from Catskill FCCLA and am a sophomore this year. Some of my hobbies are playing tennis, listening to music, reading and hanging out with my friends. I also love fashion and playing the guitar, ukulele, and clarinet. I am so excited to have the privilege of being an officer this year and to work diligently alongside my council. I have been in FCCLA since 7th grade and have competed in 2 star events at the state level. I also attended the national conference last summer where I presented a project on advocating against teen vaping with my friend and fellow officer Lauren Liberti. This amazing conference stemmed my passion for FCCLA and allowed me to see a future for myself within this incredible organization. In my upcoming term as First Vice President and Peer Educator, I hope to make a difference in not only my community but New York State as a whole. I am eager for this year, as I join the other officers in expanding our leadership abilities together and exploring the many opportunities that FCCLA has to offer. I can’t wait to hopefully meet all of you!

VP of Public Relations

& Communications


I’m Reese Shuta, a sophomore from District 3’s Marlboro High School. I am beyond excited to serve as your 2021-2022 VP of Public Relations and Communication! Along with being a state officer, I am also a competitive swimmer and who enjoys all things outdoors. Since joining the organization in 7th grade, I have grown as a leader, friend, and member of my community. Getting to interact with new people and share amazing experiences with them is one of my favorite parts of FCCLA. I also love STAR Events, and have competed in three of them over the years. My goal for this year is to get members to connect with each other across the state, whether it be in person or virtually. No matter the challenge, I’m confident that my council and I will be perseverant. I can’t wait to see all of your faces soon!

Reese Shuta

VP of Community Service & National Programs


Hi, My name is Seamus Daly and I’m extremely excited and proud to be your 2020-2021 NYS State officer and VP of community service and national programs. I’m in 10th grade at Marlboro Highschool in district 3. I love performing and acting in my school's drama club, Chamber choir and band. Outside of school I am very active in my local community, I’m really passionate about bringing my community together through FCCLA. I have been in FCCLA for 3 years and have enjoyed every second of it. This year I was elected as my chapters Vice President and I was able to work alongside my chapter members to have an amazing year of FCCLA despite being virtual. My goal as a NYS state officer is to grow as a leader along with my fellow council members and to use my position as a State officer to make a positive impact in our state and inspire other members in our chapters to also make a positive impact in their communities.

Seamus Daly

VP of Membership & Competitive Events


I’m your NYS 2021-2022 Membership and Competitive Events officer, Ashley Komosinski and I am a Junior at Delaware Academy and here is a little bit about me and my journey with FCCLA. I started FCCLA when I was in 6th grade as a way to travel and meet new people from other schools. I am also a dancer at a local dance studio and I always had dance as one of my main focuses which never gave me a lot of time for other activities. I eventually learned how to manage my time better and since then I have attended every State Conference and Summer Leadership. I always enjoyed the socializing aspect of the club but wasn't really  involved until last year. I watched as members of my chapter stepped up to fill the shoes of previous chapter officers and realized that I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking on a bigger role. I got into fundraising when I realized how much it could help pay for conferences and got more involved with my own chapter. I realized everything I was missing out on when I was only watching everyone grow as leaders and get a better grasp of life while doing so. The best decision I made was starting this journey and I can't wait to go along for the ride with the other officers and NYS FCCLA.

Ashley Komosinski
Gage Gockel

VP of Finance & Alumni


My name is Gage Gockel, and I am your 2021-2022 VP of Finance and Alumni & Associates! I’m from the Gilboa FCCLA chapter, and I’ve been an active member since my 8th grade year in 2018. Over the last few years, I’ve done a lot in FCCLA including a STAR Event with my sister Ava Gockel on the dairy industry and its importance (with which we won gold on both the state and national level), several community service projects, and school-wide events! One of my favorite aspects of FCCLA is being able to help others become the best leaders they can be, and as a state officer I look forward to helping new members grow and expand their leadership skills!

Eve Angelo

VP of Parliamentary Procedure & Voting Delegate


Hi, my name is Eve Angelo and I’m a junior at Whitney point high school. I have been a member of FCCLA  for the past 4 years under my advisor Kristen Godfrey, a part of District 8A. I am also a part of drama club, student council, SADD and the Tri-m music honor society. I also do volleyball, run indoor and outdoor track, sing as well as play piano and ukulele. My goal as your state vise president of parliamentary law is to learn and grow as a leader for my term as a state officer. I hope to promote FCCLA in my community and set a good example to the FCCLA members as a state officer. I have high hopes of accomplishing amazing things with my team to benefit ourselves and FCCLA as a whole.

2021-2022 Office Elects

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