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February means FCCLA!

Hi there NYS FCCLA! I'm Madalyn Paquette, your VP of Parliamentary Procedure and National Programs and I am happy to be bringing you the February blog!

Last month, my very own General Brown Chapter has been working extremely hard to help and bring joy in many aspects to the community. We made pet baskets that gave toys, treats, and food to cats and dogs at our local ASPCA. We also created cake kits from donated items that were sent to our schools backpack program. Additionally, we put together kid baskets, which included supplies and clothes like diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys for babies and older kids, which were distributed to Urban Mission and the RHODE Center.

I am very excited with FCCLA Week approaching. I can't wait to see how all of the different chapters of New York State participate and show off their FCCLA pride.

States is fastly approaching and I'm very excited to see all of the hard working STAR event participant's projects and all of the members.

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