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General Brown High School: FCCLA Field Days - Student Body Activity

Hello, McKenna Lee here! I am your NYS Vice President of Finance and Membership! October is the month where everyone hopefully has a school routine again and fall is everywhere. It’s also the month where I get to write a blog, so definitely a special month, but honestly every month is special with a blog from an officer (I love my council). In the FCCLA world though it’s the month of FALL PLANNING, where my fellow beloved officers and I plan (yep we are planning in the fall, what a convenient name) State Conference! I strongly encourage that everyone attends State Conference, but that’s all the way in March and this blog is for October. I wish I could see everyone at Fall Planning, but only Junior Leaders and State Officer Trainees can attend besides the State Executive Council. On a chapter level, I hope everyone’s chapter is doing well and plans to accomplish great things this year! I hope that the State Outreach project is on the To-Do list! My chapter at General Brown has almost doubled in membership and on October 1st we hosted General Brown FCCLA Field Days to complete one of the eight national programs, Student Body! It was a nice day and everyone had lots of fun! There are plenty of ways to Leave Your Legacy in and out of FCCLA, even if it is something small. A bunch of small deeds can add up to one great legacy. Have a good October and FCCLA year! Don’t forget to use excellent financial skills and make smart financial decisions! Everyone needs a base for a good financial future! With that advice, my blog officially ends :)

P.S. Make sure to follow all FCCLA social media accounts, whether it be National FCCLA or NY FCCLA. Our VP of PR, Sam, makes sure that NY FCCLA has a fantastic social media presence. Also if you want to reach out to me, you can through my insta: mckenna_nyfccla or through my email:

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