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Back to School!

Attention all members and advisers it's time to go back to school. Get ready to see all your friends, teachers, students and start your 2020-2021 FCCLA year. Right now in the world with what's going on and going back to school some of you might be nervous or ready to jump right in. With all you might be feeling there is a National Program that could help you set your own goals for the year and future ahead of you. The National Program Power of One helps members find and use their personal goals. Power of One has 5 units, which are “A Better You”, “Family Ties”, “Working on Working”, ``Take the Lead”, and “Speak Out for FCCLA”. All of these units can help you set and achieve goals and skills that you will use now in and outside of school and in whatever you decide to do in the future.

Jessica Coleman, 1st Vice President and VP of Parliamentary Procedure

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