Much to our dismay, due to the Executive Orders by our government, we were forced to cancel our State Leadership Conference. However, STAR Event participants will still have an opportunity to qualify for Nationals. More information below. 

We know that there are a plethora of emotions and compilations created by the cancellation of the conference. Our heart goes to to every student and advisor who is disappointed. Everyone should have the ability to show off their hard work and dedication to the organization and we are working on non-traditional ways for you to do so.

Please understand that NYS FCCLA functions on a shoestring budget to keep the associated costs down for students, teachers, and families. The cost to run NYS FCCLA is not directly passed on to it's participants. Many grants and sponsorships  help to keep our organization alive. The organization only charges the difference in cost for it's events that are not covered by grants and other revenue streams. Therefore, understand that the cancellation of our conference also weakens the financial stability of our organization. 


The Board of Trustees is committed to keeping this invaluable and transformative organization  alive for future generations and has to make tough decisions to do so.

Thanks for your understanding. Stay Healthy!


Ryan Judge

Board of Trustees, Chair

Officer Instillation / Awards / Banquet

  • The banquet with officer instillation and awards ceremony will be moved to the Summer Leadership Conference. Please visit the Summer Leadership Conference page for more details.

Refunds & Shirts

  • Each conference registrant will be mailed their conference shirt as they were already ordered and received prior to the event cancellation.

  • Initially the organization was unable to adsorb the non-refunded costs associated with the conference and continue to be available for future years without keeping the conference registrations. Luckily, we received approval to reallocate previously earmarked grant funds to cover the financial losses caused by the cancellation. Therefore, everyone will receive a full refund. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your refund to be processed.

  • If you wish to donate your conference registration fees back to the organization, please email Karen Thomas ASAP.

We Are All In This Together. We Are FCCLA.

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